How do I make an appointment?

Contact the Surgical Oncology Clinic at the Trinity Clinic.  The phone number is 903 606-4300

Is there a wait list to see you?

I am currently taking appointments and see patients within a few days to a week of contact.

I am not sure if my cancer is operable?  What should I do?

While many of my patients are referred from their medical oncologist or treating physician, I can review scans and records to determine if you are a surgical candidate.  Please call my nurse, Cindy Baldridge, at 903 606-4300 for instructions on sending me records and scans.

What if I am not a candidate for surgery?

I am happy to refer you to my colleagues in the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center to discuss other treatment options, including cutting edge clinical research studies.  I am also happy to work with your treating physician to find treatments near where you live.

If my tumors shrink with chemotherapy can I become a candidate for surgery?

Every cancer and every patient is different, but in many cancers a good response to treatment will allow me to perform surgical removal of liver tumors or cancer at other sites that was not previously operable.