My Research

I have run an academic basic and translational research laboratory for over 25 years. The goal of my research is to find better, more effective, and less toxic treatments for cancer patients.

Previously, my research laboratory has been involved in the design and testing (both in the lab and with patients) of two devices that have successfully been approved by the FDA.

Currently, my laboratory is focused on testing a novel noninvasive radiofrequency (RF) field treatment device. This device can be used alone or coupled with targeted nanoparticles, chemotherapy drugs, targeted agents, antibodies or immune system cells to treat cancer.  My lab group is studying the effect of the RF device on pancreatic, liver, breast, and other cancers.  Our results are are very promising, and we have learned a great deal about the effects of electromagnetic fields to treat malignant tumors.

For more information on the history of this device, please watch the videos below…